IBM Redbooks (1991)



GG24-3630-00 – OS/2 Version 1.3 Volume 1 – New Features


GG24-3631-00 – OS/2 Version 1.3 Volume 2 – Print Subsystem


GG24-3541-00 – CICS OS/2 and CICS/ESA Cooperative Processing: Implementation Examples
GG24-3615-00 – AD/CYCLE – Bachman Usage Guide


GG24-3672-00 – IBM Personal System/2 Programming Multimedia


GG24-3503-01 – Information Interchange Architecture: Concepts
GG24-3662-00 – Networking Services/2 Installation, Customization, and Operation APPN for OS/2
GG24-3693-00 – FBSS and OS/2 LAN Server in a Banking Environment
GG24-3694-00 – Workstation Data Save Facility/VM Version 1 DOS and OS/2 Clients Implementation Experiences


GG24-3551-02 – IBM OfficeVision/2 LAN 1.1.2 Cookbook
GG24-3689-00 – Management of Object Change for OS/2 Workstations Using NetView DM R3 and NetView DM/2
GG24-3727-00 – Client/Server Computing Application Design Guidelines: A Distributed Relational Data Perspective
GG24-3736-00 – IBM OfficeVision/2 LAN 1.1.2 Directory Techniques
GG24-3754-00 – LAN Network Manager V1.0, IBM 8230 Controlled Access Unit and LAN Management Utilities/2


GG24-3530-00 – ITSC Printing Library Document Transforms Cookbook
GG24-3582-00 – CICS OS/2 Cooperative Processing Application Design Guide
GG24-3671-00 – IBM Personal System/2 Advanced Server Planning Guide Version 1.0


GG24-3634-01 – NetView DM and Nodes Implementation Guide
GG24-3702-00 – 3174 APPN Implementation Guide


GG24-3291-02 – Installation Guidelines for the IBM Token-Ring Network Products
GG24-3580-01 – Developing a CUA Workplace Application
GG24-3728-00 – Client/Server Computing Application Design Guidelines: A Transaction Processing Perspective
GG24-3773-00 – IBM SAA ImagePlus/2 Installation and Implementation
GG24-3801-00 – Cooperative Processing in an Object-Oriented Environment