IBM Redbooks (1992)


GG24-3673-00 – IBM SAA Delivery Manager Volume 1: Functions and Positioning


GG24-3641-01 – A Practical Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
GG24-3818-00 – APPC Programming Considerations in MVS/ESA and OS/2
GG24-3819-00 – APPC Application Examples in MVS/ESA and OS/2


GG24-3538-01 – Software Configuration Library Manager Workstation Platform/2 Usage Guide
GG24-3780-00 – OS/2 Version 2.0 Remote Installation and Maintenance


GG24-3730-00 – OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 1: Control Program
GG24-3731-00 – OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 2: DOS and Windows Environment
GG24-3766-00 – IBM SAA Application Services 1.1.3 Distributed Print Facility


GG24-3690-00 – Distributing OS/2 V1.3 Using NetView DM/2 and NS/2 with NetView DM R3
GG24-3732-00 – OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 3: Presentation Manager and Workplace Shell
GG24-3817-00 – X25Net R1 Installation


GG24-3645-00 – OSI Products Installation Guidelines for OS/2
GG24-3771-00 – Distributed Relational Database Using OS/2 DRDA Client Support with DB2


GG24-3653-01 – IBM Personal System/2 Multimedia Fundamentals
GG24-3840-00 – TCP/IP and National Language Support
GG24-3890-01 – NetWare from IBM: Network Protocols and Standards


GG24-3775-00 – OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 5: Print Subsystem
GG24-3929-00 – Installation and Planning Guide for Programmable
Network Access 1.2



GG24-3604-01 – IBM SAA ImagePlus WAF/400 Application Programming Interfaces Implementation

GG24-3892-00 – Remote Initial Program Load for IBM OS/2 V1.3, V2.0, and NetWare


GG24-3760-00 – Client/Server Computing with AD/Cycle Application Generators
GG24-3893-00 – NetWare in the TCP/IP and UNIX Environment
GG24-3983-00 – Target System Control Facility Release 1 Stand-alone Functions for the PS/2


GG24-3376-03 – TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview
GG24-3531-01 – TCP/IP V1.2.1 for OS/2 Installation and Interoperability
GG24-4002-00 – IBM PS/2 and PS/ValuePoint Subsystems

GG24-3642-00 – OS/2 Extended Edition Local Area Network Administration Guidelines

GG24-3822-00 – Migrating from a DOS/Windows Environment to OS/2 2.0 Porting Windows Applications to OS/2 2.0
GG24-3827-00 – AD/Cycle Test Tools: WITT and SATT
GG24-3828-00 – 5494 and OS/2 ES: Connecting Remote User Groups
GG24-3831-00 – IBM OfficeVision/2 LAN Complex Connectivity
GG24-3835-00 – IBM SAA ImagePlus/2 Application Samples
GG24-3852-00 – TCP/IP for MVS, VM, OS/2 and DOS: Troubleshooting Guide
GG24-3876-00 – IBM Extended Services for OS/2 Communications Manager New Features and Enhancements
GG24-3878-00 – Basic Electronic Mail
GG24-3891-01 – NetWare Client for OS/2 Installation and Configuration
GG24-3959-00 – Experiences with OS/2 LAN Server V3.0 New Functions