IBM Redbooks (1994)


GG24-4170-00 – Multiprotocol Transport Networking (MPTN) Architecture Tutorial and Product Implementations


GG24-4078-00 – NetWare 4.0 from IBM: Directory Services
GG24-4128-00 – Object-Oriented Databases – ObjectStore Introduction and Sample Application
GG24-4140-00 – CallPath Call Center Planning and Installation Guide
GG24-4224-00 – Understanding IBM OS/2 LAN Server Ultimedia Version 1.0


GG24-3946-00 – VisualAge: Concepts and Features
GG24-3985-00 – Object-Oriented Applications using Relational Databases
GG24-4090-01 – Developing DCE Applications for AIX, OS/2 and Windows
GG24-4149-00 – Using Network Security Program on AIX, OS/2 and DOS Platforms
GG24-4180-00 – Local-Area Network Backup and Recovery Using SaveUtility/2 and Legato Networker


GG24-4292-00 – RODMTool/2: Advanced Use of NetView Graphic Monitor Facility
GG24-4334-00 – RouteXpander/2 Introduction and Configuration Examples


GG24-4212-00 – OS/2 2.11, OS/2 2.1 for Windows, New OS/2 Device Drivers and Updates to OS/2 2.1
GG24-4213-00 – Introduction to OS/2 2.1 National Language Support
GG24-4227-00 – Object-Oriented Application Development with VisualAge in a Client/Server Environment


GG24-3927-01 – Advanced PS/2 Servers Planning and Selection Guide
GG24-4082-00 – IBM DATABASE 2 OS/2 Keeping it in the Family
GG24-4158-01 – IBM LAN Distance Version 1.1 Configuration and Customization Guide
GG24-4200-00 – Cryptography, Communications and PC Connectivity
GG24-4227-00 – Object-Oriented Application Development with VisualAge in a Client/Server Environment
GG24-4262-00 – CICS/VSE to CICS OS/2 and CICS/6000
GG24-4326-00 – Examples of Using MQSeries on S/390, RISC System/6000, AS/400 and PS/2


GG24-3070-11 – Bibliography of ITSO Technical Bulletins
GG24-3911-01 – TCP/IP for MVS, VM, OS/2 and DOS: X Window System Guide
GG24-4205-00 – Software Reuse Overview and ReDiscovery
GG24-4244-00 – VisualAge: Building GUIs for Existing Applications
GG24-4257-00 – Connecting a PS/2 under OS/2 to a VSE/ESA Host System
GG24-4357-00 – SOMobjects: A Practical Introduction to SOM and DSOM


GG24-4201-00 – OS/2 Configuration Techniques: „Cracking“ the Workplace Shell
GG24-4444-00 – A Simple Approach to VisualInfo


GG24-4178-00 – Did You Say CMVC?
GG24-4335-00 – Using ADSM to Back Up Databases


GG24-4419-00 – NetView DM/2 V2.1 Remote Administrator and New Functions


GG24-3398-02 – New and Improved! IBM Multisegment LAN Design Guidelines
GG24-4100-00 – The Library for Systems Solutions: Computing Technology Reference
GG24-4415-00 – VisualInfo Systems Management: CID Installation
GG24-4430-00 – Understanding Performance Tuning Theory for IBM OS/2 LAN Server
GG24-4493-00 – Distributing AFP Printing from a Host System


GG24-2517-00 – OS/2 2.x Family Update, Including SMP
GG24-3070-12 – ITSO Bibliography of Redbooks
GG24-4217-00 – IBM Pen for OS/2 and PenDOS
GG24-4234-00 – Designing a VisualGen Development Environment
GG24-4295-00 – OS/2 Installation Techniques: The CID Guide
GG24-4387-00 – Migrating from Microsoft LAN Manager to IBM OS/2 LAN Server
GG24-4388-00 – Migrating to OS/2 LAN Server from NetWare
GG24-4396-00 – AnyNet: Sockets over SNA NetBIOS over SNA Installation and Interoperability
GG24-4412-00 – NetView for OS/2 as an SNMP Manager
GG24-4415-00 – VisualInfo Systems Management: CID Installation
GG24-4426-00 – OS/2 Warp Version 3 and BonusPak „Exploring a New Generation“
GG24-4465-00 – An Introduction to Wireless Technology
GG24-4485-00 – Multiplatform APPC Configuration Guide

GG24-3178-03 – Local Area Networks: Concepts and Products

GG24-4202-00 – Using ReDiscovery/2 for Class Libraries

GG24-4225-01 – NETDA/2 V1R2 Design Tool Guide
GG24-4229-00 – Calendar Connectivity Cookbook Recipes for a Successful TaPC/2 Installation

GG24-4311-00 – Distributed Relational Database Cross Platform Connectivity and Application